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Kidkraft Play Kitchens & Food

A Kidkraft Kitchen Will Inspire Any Little Chef

With Kidkraft Play Kitchens & Food, your children can pretend to cook just like you! Kidkraft Kitchens are colorful with many different features like clicking knobs, removable sinks, lights, chalk boards, and pretend play phones. You can find Kidkraft play kitchens in a variety of styles to match your little chef's personal tastes. Accessorize your Kidkraft play kitchen with play food, play plates and utensils, and play appliances like toasters and mixers. Add a Kidkraft kitchen to their toys today and inspire any little chef!
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Play Kitchen Item
  • Play Dishes (3)
  • Play Food (6)
  • Play Kitchen Utensils (10)
  • Play Kitchens (15)
  • Play Pots and Pans (4)
  • Play Refrigerators (1)
  • Other (12)
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