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Even though it seems people often turn to their cell phones to check the time, there is still nothing like a clock for convenient at-a-glance timekeeping: whether its a clock in the family kitchen or on the wall of a reception area. Clocks also have aesthetic value as well as practical use. A grandfather clock or elegant floor clock can be a treasured family heirloom. Mantel clocks and table clocks are favorite gifts for weddings and anniversaries. And there are few things more stunning than a large gallery clock to enhance your home or office decor. Whether you're looking for a functional alarm clock or a more decorative timepiece, we have your new clock at iFurn.com.

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  • Alarm Clocks

    Alarm Clocks
    Rise and shine! Okay, you don't have to shine, but you do have to rise -- and our alarm clocks will help you do it.
  • Desk & Table Clocks

    Desk & Table Clocks
    From functional to fanciful, there are desk clocks and table clocks here for any home or office.
  • Floor Clocks

    Floor Clocks
    Floor clocks come in every style, from classic Old World to fashion-forward and contemporary.
  • Gallery Clocks

    Gallery Clocks
    Like a wall clock only much larger, a gallery clock makes an absolutely stunning addition to a room.
  • Grandfather Clocks

    Grandfather Clocks
    Is there anything more stately and elegant than grandfather clocks?
  • Mantel Clocks

    Mantel Clocks
    Choose a beautiful mantel clock for your own home, or to give as a classic wedding or anniversary gift.
  • Maritime & Weather Clocks

    Maritime & Weather Clocks
    Keep a eye on weather conditions with this variety of maritime clocks and weather clocks.
  • Travel Clocks

    Travel Clocks
    Travel clocks are especially good for the businessperson on the go.
  • Wall Clocks

    Wall Clocks
    From clean and simple to very ornate, there are wall clocks here to suit any home or office space.